Introducing the Javascript Scope Quiz

A few weeks ago, I posted a basic Javascript Scope Quiz to Reddit, HackerNews, and Twitter. I have since realized that there is no real way to find it from the main site here, so I decided to write up a quick post.

The aftermath of this post has actually been quite interesting. I’ve gotten a ton of valuable feedback, including requests that I open source the quiz software, and suggestions that I make a more difficult “Level 2.” I think I’ll probably go about both of these at some point.

As far as viewership goes, as of this writing (9/4/12), the quiz has been viewed just over 15,000 times. While this isn’t stunning in particular (we’ve done better in the past), it has been spread out over a far greater period of time than any of our past posts. This quiz has received hundreds of views everyday since it was posted two weeks ago (including over 1,000 today alone), while our most popular post was far more short-lived, sticking around for only a few days.

Overall, a very interesting experience. I suppose I should get started on that second level right about now …

Eric Jeney is a Java aficionado with a number of projects under his belt. He enjoys programming for the web, and writing about his experiences. He currently studies Computer Science at the University of Maryland.

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