Who are we? Well, we’re two guys who love to design and develop software. And sometimes we write about it. We met in a math, science, and technology high school (The Middlesex County Academy), where we found that we had very similar interests – anything relating to technology. We decided to embark upon this partnership in order to make our interests professional instead of just a hobby.

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Eric Jeney

Eric is a Java aficionado with a number of projects under his belt, the largest among them being the Sakai Lesson Builder, which uses Java, MySQL, Spring, Hibernate, and JQuery, among other tools and frameworks. He enjoys developing for the web and is always up for testing out a new technology.

In his spare time, Eric enjoys building robots on Say Watt, a FIRST Tech Challenge robotics team that has been invited to the World Championships each of the past three years.

Eric is inherently indebted to Jake simply by having the good fortune of being around him. Jake is to be thought of as the direct causation of all of Eric’s successes.

The above was written by Jake.

Jake Binstein

Jake recently graduated with honors from Rutgers University with a bachelors in Information Technology and Informatics. He enjoys programming, designing websites, and managing an array of servers under his bed. Over the past several years, he has completed dozens of design projects with a strong focus on providing excellent customer service.

In addition to programming, Jake is particularly skilled in graphic design, with expertise in both Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. On the side, he has a certain talent for editing video, and can often be found tweaking the lighting on his green screen.

In the future, he strives to be more like Eric, his role model and mentor. He feels that if he can be even 25% as awesome as Eric is, he’ll be very successful indeed.

The above was written by Eric.