Monthly Archives: April 2012

Failed Password Security on the Server

It never ceases to amaze me how many sites completely ignore generally accepted password safety practices. A few days ago, I applied for the Google Computer Science Summer Institute. And, when I forgot my password and clicked the “Forgot Password” link, eResources emailed me my password in plaintext! Inexcusable.

Should Colleges Require Coding Tests for Admission?

I was recently speaking with an alumnus of MIT who currently volunteers as one of the school’s prospective student interviewers. He’s a computer science major and works as a software developer for a financial company. At some point during our …

Documentation as a Bug-Finding Tool

Every developer should already know about many of the benefits of writing good documentation for future developers of whatever it is that they’re writing. However, there’s one key benefit of writing this developer-focused documentation that I feel is often underplayed. Writing this documentation will help you find little bugs that would have otherwise been missed.

Transferring WordPress off of Yahoo! Hosting

I recently noticed that a site that I manage, which was run on Yahoo! Small Business hosting, wasn’t quite performing up to par. So, I embarked on a seemingly simple journey to move it off of Yahoo! and onto my typical hosting provider. Of course, no change goes without issues, so this post details the issues that I faced and the solutions that I found.