Yearly Archives: 2012

Should I list my projected graduation date on my resume?

A few months ago, I was preparing to send out resumes to potential employers for a summer internship in software engineering. As I was doing so, I received a snippet of advice from a friend: “You’re a freshman with experience in your field. Don’t list your expected graduation date, because it’s all employers will see.”

Why obfuscate email addresses?

I spent some time this weekend working on a new email obfuscation website: Obfuscate, please. Email harvesters are constantly crawling the web looking for addresses to spam. To prevent these harvesters from finding their addresses, many people have attempted to …

Introducing the Javascript Scope Quiz

A few weeks ago, I posted a basic Javascript Scope Quiz to Reddit, HackerNews, and Twitter. I have since realized that there is no real way to find it from the main site here, so I decided to write up a quick post.

Handling CSV Uploads in Django

I spent a bit of time today trying to parse a CSV file uploaded to a Django view. On the surface, this doesn’t seem too bad. After all, Django has facilities for file upload, and Python handles CSV files quite well. Unfortunately, when I tested everything out with my first test file, I got a fairly nasty error.

Optimizing JQuery DataTables Performance

I have spent the past several weeks working with the excellent DataTables plugin for JQuery. I’ve actually been quite impressed by the plugin’s speed and flexibility, even when working with large sets of data. However, I’ve found avoiding a few things can greatly impact the performance of the plugin. Read on for the details.

(Redirected) Why Can’t Microsoft Count to 0?

My brief journey through the Microsoft world of programming left me feeling dirty and alone. I did learn one thing, though – C# arrays start at 0. Unless you’re writing an add-in for an Office product. Unless that Office product is Access. My head hurts.

Failed Password Security on the Server

It never ceases to amaze me how many sites completely ignore generally accepted password safety practices. A few days ago, I applied for the Google Computer Science Summer Institute. And, when I forgot my password and clicked the “Forgot Password” link, eResources emailed me my password in plaintext! Inexcusable.

Should Colleges Require Coding Tests for Admission?

I was recently speaking with an alumnus of MIT who currently volunteers as one of the school’s prospective student interviewers. He’s a computer science major and works as a software developer for a financial company. At some point during our …